Create own custom ui

i use openhab 2 on an a Raspberry Pi with Z-Wave, Zigbee and a Homematic CCU.

Since 2 weeks i own a E3DC battery. I use modbus binding to get all the values in openhab.
I tried grafana with influxdb to create graphs. I also tried rrd4j and standard graphs in habpanel.

Modus binding refresh the values each second.
HABPanel seems to use to many resources … the panel did not work on older android tablets.
Even on newer ipads the panel works fine for a while … but is not stable for many hours.

In next weeks i would build my own smart mirror … using a android tablet behind the mirror.
(using a fullscreen browser and tasker app)

HAPPanel ist not really responsive (font-sizes uses fixed sizes and so on). Grafana looks nice … but in new version it always shows menues an options (and i could not hide them) und there is no german translation file.

So i decided to build my complete own ui for my smart mirror.

The plan is to use angular and kendo ui (for the charts and gauges) (i own an pro license).
Getting data via rest api is no problem for me (as webdeveloper).

How do i host my own ui on openhab 2 ?
(can i build it as add on for openhab ?)



You don’t need to. Your UI is browser based and relying on the REST api.

I knew that i don’t need it … but i would be fine :grinning: to do it.

Of course you can, just check how HABpanel is developed.