Create report from fronius smart meter

dear community,

i am using now openhab few months and i love it so much.
now i am planing to create reports (in dashboard) that i can get the “produced” or “consumed” kwh from my fronius smart meter.

did you have any idea how i can do that? in my case i want have the current data from current day

produced data:
11.11.2022 00:00:00 - current time.

is there a possibility to do that? which with type of module or function is the best for that? currently i am only use dashboard live data from the current values from the devices.

thank you so much, many greets iceget

You’re about to be introduced to openHAB rules.
I’d start by looking at the docs on rules and deciding which of the languages to choose.

There are many threads on the forum about daily consumption calculations etc. You can use the methods even if you don’t choose rhe same language.

@iceget, I wrote the first solution doc some months back, starting with virtually zero previous experience. Don’t be afraid to try out working with rules, it’s pretty easy.

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