Create rules and binding multi-room clean for Xiaomi Roborock

Hello! Im new to this website and Roborock, but I have seen that there is a possibility to add rules for multiroom cleaning via voice activation and I am wondering if anyone here can help me?

I have all coordinates for the rooms and cant figure out where continue with this.

Thanks in advance!

To start zoned cleaning use the syntax


And yes, all shown braces are needed.

In order to activate zoned cleaning using your voice, assuming you are using Echo devices and the amazonechocontrol binding, my approach is to trigger a rule on change of a lastVoiceCommand Item and check for spoken command.

If you want to start cleaning the livingroom using the command “clean livingroom”, a simple sample rule could look like this. Works like a charm for me.

rule "Start Zoned Cleaning"
    Item YourLastVoiceCommandItem changed
    if(YourLastVoiceCommandItem.state.toString == "clean livingroom")

Thanks for helping me!
I would love to bind the command “clean living room”, I want to do this in home assistant. Is the script valid for home assistant?

I am wondering if there is a possibility to make the roborock clean via the home assistant interface WITHOUT entering the token to the configuration.yaml ?


My apologies. I don’t have experience with home assistant. The code is written for the openHAB software. You’re here in an openHAB forum after all…you likely want to head over to the Home Assistant Community to ask your question.