Create task in Microsoft To-Do / Outlook Tasks?


I would like to have openHAB create tasks in my Microsoft To-Do (also known as Outlook Tasks) for certain things - for instance, when a battery gets below a certain setpoint, I’d like to create a task in my to-do to have the battery replaced.

Does anyone have any idea how to make this happen via openHAB? There’s a functional Exchange API that could work, but I have no clue how to try to access that reliably via openHAB rules.

Insight would be super useful! Thanks!

I don’t have experience with doing that a trial that I did did not work because I do not have admin permissions in azure to create an application id.
In general you should be able to use python e.g. by using the exec binding resp. executeCommandLine action.
A set of documents that may help are:

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