Create timer for sonoff pow tasmota

I use openhab in combination with a sonoff pow flashed with tasmota. I would like to switch on my pow at a specific time, whichs changes everyday and should be set by some textbox / switch or whatever in a openhab sitemap. So something handy is needed, like the timer in the original app of sonoff. Does anyone has an idea how to do that?

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You are not the first one to ask this question. The simple answer is not really…
Scheduling is not a strong feature of openHAB. :frowning_face:

However, there are workarounds
You could use the gcal binding and put your events in a google calendar
You could use node-red to send mqtt updates on the times you want
These are the two I use. The first one for my aquarium because it doesn’t vary that much and depends mostly on the school holidays
And the second one for triggering the Islamic prayer calls. As you may know, these depend on the sun position and vary every day. So I have a javascript node-red node to do teh calculation and send the trigger to OH via MQTT at the right times.

Can I ask what is your purpose, why would the time change everyday?


Which Version of Tasmota are running? The actual one has build-in timers, have a look there!

I am also looking for this. I know I can set timer in tasmota using web server. However, I found that to be buggy, 20 percent of the time, somehow the timer does not work. However I am still able to turn on / off sonoff basic using open hab. So i was thinking that can i set switch schedule in openhab to turn on off sonoff at my given times.

What kind of schedule?

On off schedule based on time or sunset n sunrise. Like sonoff would turn on at specific time and turn off at specific time.


I have sonoff pow flashed with tasmota.
I would like to switch on my pow at Islamic prayer times by javascript note-red via MQTT
please help me

Open a new thread to start with

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