Create trigger chanels for Osram Lightify/LEDVANCE Switch Mini

I tried reading on the forum and the github issues and it seems that the Zigbee binding is supporting some remotes, but the Switch Mini doesn’t seem to be configured correctly. It shows 3 Dimmer channels, but no channel can really be changed, as they are connected in a wrong way.
The logs see all the commands being sent:

(I pressed all three buttons from top to bottom first short and then long, so the OnCommand is the “up” button short press, MoveWithOnOffCommand is th “up” long press and so on)

I have seen some topics about creating a static thing yourself (A channel converter for buttons (e.g., on remote controls or wall switches) by hsudbrock · Pull Request #284 · openhab/org.openhab.binding.zigbee · GitHub) and one try to get the Switch Mini to work (Support for ZigBee remotes · Issue #37 · openhab/org.openhab.binding.zigbee · GitHub), but I’m not sure that I’m able to modify the binding myself, as I have no infrastructure or experience to test it. I can however provide more logs or details if that helps.

Or is there maybe another way to access the “raw” Zigbee messages to use them in rules?

Honest answer? Personally I gave up using OHs ZigBee plugin and went to zigbee2mqtt. It supports what feels like 100x more devices and gives you the freedom of choice, that you’re looking for when you initially choose OH instead of some manufacturer gateway.

I come from a nodered only installation with zigbee2mqtt and wanted to simplify the setup :wink:
I guess I’ll do just that then and install zigbee2mqtt. It’s just that all my other zigbee devices are working nicely in the binding which saved me a lot of mqtt configuration…