Create XML and send to heatunit

I want send a command to the heat unit for new temperature Can everybody help me there.
I have a Manual from the manufacter for this

See here Alpha2-XML-Schnittstellenbeschreibung_de.pdf (475.5 KB)
Alpha2-XML-Interfacedescritption_eng.pdf (468.1 KB)

I think i must created a XML Code in a XML File. Then i must send this to the heatunit. Everybody have a idea for this ?

Thank for all

You can create a String with the xml code inside and then send this to your unit with the http binding using a POST command

Do you have a example for me thanks

Your can build the string with a variable

XMLString = <XML><DATA>23</DATA><XML>

The http examples are the binding docs

Have a go and if it doesn’t work, post your code and we’ll help. Best way to learn

Thanks a lot i read the docs and now i have question. I hope with this code the function will be done.

var XMLString = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Devices> <Device> <ID>EZR010A49</ID> <HEATAREA nr="1"> <T_TARGET>20.6</T_TARGET> </HEATAREA> </Device> </Devices>
Switch SetpointWohn {http=">[ON:POST:]" }

but i don´t know how i can sent the value XML String to the changes.xml in the heatunit.

Thanks a lot, i´m a openhab beginner and i learn every day . Good job guys.

var XMLString = "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Devices> <Device> <ID>EZR010A49</ID> <HEATAREA nr="1"> <T_TARGET>20.6</T_TARGET> </HEATAREA> </Device> </Devices>"

You need the quotes "" at each end for the string

Let me have a look at the http request and I’ll come back to you

You don’t need a bound item, you can just use the http action:

sendHttpPostRequest(, “application/xml”, XMLString)

Hi now the next winter is comeing. Can you give me a example to send the string to a moehlenhoff controller. The information must send to the with a http Post command to the xml file on my moehlenhoff controller. I want use the http binding. My http.cfg is the follow




I want use the setpoint funktion in the sitemap. I have create a item

Number SollTempWohnTest " Solltemperatur WohnTest [%.1f °C]" <temp_control> (WZ,TempWohnzimmer,gInfluxdb) {http=">[*:POST:HeizungUGsend:10000:XPATH(/Devices/Device/HEATAREA[@nr='1']/T_TARGET/text())]"}

and in my sitemap i have wrote the follow

Default item=SollTempWohnTest label=“Test” step=0.2 minValue=22.0 maxValue=25.0

Now it don´t work. Whats wrong ?