Creating a binding with UPNP discovery

Hello together!

I have implemented the UPNP discovery in my binding as described in:

After compiling with no errors and copying the compiled jar into a fresh openHAB 2.2.0 installation my binding throws an Exception:
Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: org.eclipse.smarthome.config.discovery.upnp

Now I’ve already found a solution here:

I can also install the HUE binding first, which in turn installs the required service automatically.

However, both methods are not user friendly, which is why I’ve decided to ask the community:

  • As UPNP discovery has some clear advantages, why can’t it be supplied with the installation of openHAB (or during the installation of PaperUI)?
  • Is there a way to trigger the installation of esh-io-transport-upnp from inside my binding similar to HUE?
    <feature name="esh-binding-hue" version="0.10.0.b1">
        <feature prerequisite="false" dependency="false">esh-io-transport-upnp</feature>

What would be your recommendation for my case?

With best regards

This is just cause you dropped your binding into addons folder.
Once your binding is merged and installable through PaperUI, UPnP service will be installed as a dependency.

Yes, I’m aware of it but it’s still a long way there :slight_smile:
Seems I have to make an installation guide until then…