Creating a Service

Hello community,

I want to use my ip camera (instar IN-4011) in openhab2.
The camera features a alarm-server option, the camera executes an http get on the alarm-server if an alarm occurs.
I hacked a quick and dirty python script together that listens for the get and uses the openhab rest api to set an item.
It worked well, now I want to do it the right way and create an addon that does this job.
In my opinion this should not be a binding rather than an io-service for openhab.

My problem is that I could not find any documentation about developing a service, has someone any resources for me or even a better idea to solve my problem.

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: This is my script I want to convert into a openhab addon.

Did you check out this binding?

Now I did so, it is handy but does not serve my purpose.