Creating rule based on outside temp

Hi all. I’m new here and am having a hard time getting my head around tthe rules logic. I just need a simple rule to turn on a heat lamp when the temps fall under a certain temp. I have added the Weather Comp thing but when I go to create the rule for it, I get statuses, not options. ie…Initiated, offline, online, etc etc etc.

I’ve tried searching the forums here but I can’t understand how all this works. Can anyone help?

For something like this a simple UI rule is sufficient. See Rules - Basic | openHAB. Trigger the rule based on the Item linked to the temperature Item. Add a Condition to only run the rule if the temperature is below your threshold temp. Add an Action to command the heat lamp to ON.

You’ll need a sibling rule to turn the heatlamp back off when the temp raises above the threshold.

Just to add something :slight_smile: don’t forget to use some hysteresis, so rule one switches light on below, let’s say 5 °C, rule two switches off the light above 6 °C, just to avoid wobbling

@cditty this is the important bit: from your OP it sounds like you have your Thing, and are trying to use the Thing in your rules. Link an Item to the temperature Channel of your Thing, and then create rules based on the Item state.

Thanks. I just created a item for temperature but my local weather is showing Error:Com. Gonna have to figure that out.

Ok. Fixed that. Showing online but still NULL.