Creating schedules for temperature/shades/switch control from user interface

Hello everyone,
I’m new here so I hope nobody will try to kill me for stupid or obvious questions :slight_smile:

I’m a KNX installer and want to use openhab as an server to control home automation. I love openhab (oh2) and use it every day, but there is one thing that I would like to have available.

I would like to give the possibility to enable and configure schedules to the end user who doesn’t have a clue how to write single line of code/script. I know that there are examples how to write yourself a schedule, but I was wondering if there is in OH3 or will be added in future a wizard/ configuration tool to click step by step a schedule for example for the heating control in a room.

I want to set the temp to 21Celsius at 6:00 then change it to 19 Celsius at 18:00 and that doing every day.

As I mentioned before I know that it can be written by myself but I’m wondering if there is something like universal scheduler to give it to a user without programming skills, to let him setup the temperatures and times by himself? Off course the initial data like the rooms in which we can control the temp would be configured earlier. The user would have to pick up one of it from the list.

If you have done something like that or have any suggestions I will be gratefull for it.


Have you seen this?

Hi Rich,

Thank you for so quick response.

Yes I’ve seen this but didn’t test it fully. I understand that in your opinion it is the best solution, we have right now in openhab?

I will check it and if have additional questions will ask in “Timeline picker” thread.


For this specific use case, until such time that someone creates a widget for OH 3 pages, it is the best solution. Anything else is going to be awkward.

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