Creating .thing file from openHAB-2 product file

I picked up a AeoTec ZW122 water sensor which is in the openHAB2 database, but it appears it’s only in the nightly builds. Is it possible to create a .things file using the product XML file to add the sensor without switching to the nightly build?

No. First of all you have to switch to the Development version of the Zwave binding to even create zwave things 8n .things files. Once you do that you may as well such to the nighties. It would be less cutting edge.

You can try to install just the 2.3 binding on the 2.2 OH. I don’t think there have been any breaking changes that would prevent that from working. You would uninstall the 2.2 version binding, download the 2.3 jar file and drop it into the addons folder.

I’ll give that a shot. I always thought the binding version number needed to match the openhab version.

Usually it does. But I think you will be OK in this case.