Cron documentation?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying a few things with cron. Now I’m hoping someone can point me to any documentation on how cron rules should work. (eg. If I set up a rule to fire every X, should it fire every X, or are there design considerations that have forced the system to limit the occurrences of the events to something less than X?) My search of the wiki turned up nothing…

Thanks in advance.

Go here to get the required configs for crontab. The only difference between openHAB and this site is that openHAB has a seconds placeholder on the left.

Thanks for the response, but I’m not looking for documentation on cron.

I need documentation on OpehHAB’s implementation of cron functionality.

You will probably have the best luck looking at the source code directly.

openHAB uses Quartz for task scheduling (cron and timers). There is information about the the Quartz cron implementation at…

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I second @steve1 's suggestion to look for Quartz examples. I do recall coming accross some strange behaviour which doesn’t match the operation of the normal posix cron.

Have a look at the few examples in the Sample Rules or here as these, coupled with the Cron Wiki page should get you going in the right direction (OpenHABs cron doesn’t do it all).