Cron start time missed out


i have a hopefully easy question i dont found in the forum.

I have a rule with “Time cron” in the “when” condition witch fires between 12 and 22 every 30 minutes (12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30,… 21:30, 22:00).

Will it trigger even when my openHABian starts at 7:00 oclock?


If your cron is configuered to trigger between 12 and 22 AND your system clock is using the correct time and timezoneYES!
It should not matter when your system is started, only the used time does matter!

But i have the cron in the rule configured. Does it make any difference between cron in rule and crontab?

Crontab? What is that, anything different to what is meant by cron?
IMHO a cron can only be used ad a trigger for a rule.

OK thanks.

In ten minutes i will see if my cron rule works after a reboot :wink:

Ok, my system reboots at 08:40. The cron should run at 9 and 9:30 and change my heater setpoint to 18 °C.

But it does not work after the reboot.

Is there a way i can troubleshoot this problem?

Please post your rule.

Sorry :smiley: . I am realy dump.

I look in my rules again and see that I changed the rule some time ago.

Sorry again and thanks for the help!