Cron-triggers not working in OH2 as in OH1?


I’ve discovered that some of my rules that are launched by cron-triggers in OH1 aren’t triggered after the migration to OH2. To test this further, I made this simple test rule which is supposed to fire every minute:

rule "TestCron" when Time cron "0 0/1 * 1/1 * ? *" then println("Entered test") end

I cannot see that this rule is being triggered, and therefore I’m wondering if more people than my have been struggling with cron-expressions in OH2.

As a PS, I do actually see the rule trigger once upon startup, but not afterwards.

I have some cron-triggered rules, and they run just fine. They’re no more complicated than the one you posted, just sending a single ON to a z-wave switch at scheduled times.

I did have one problem – in OH1 I had a bunch of cron triggers OR-ed together in a single rule, and that didn’t work in OH2, only the first one got evaluated. I had to split into separate rules, but once done, those all work.