Cron with variable


I wan’t to create a rule which start’s a switch at a time which it gets from a Setpoint item.
Setpoint item=minutes label=“Stunde” icon=“uhr” minValue=0 maxValue=59 step=1
In general I use a cron job like this:

Time cron “0 30 23 ? * FRI-SAT”

Is it possible to include in this cron a variable. E.g. in the setpoint I take over the minutes. Then the cronjob is like this:

Time cron “0 minutes 23 ? * FRI-SAT”

Hope it’s clear what I want.
Has anyone experience with this - if it’s possible.

It is not possible. You can probably get a similar behavior using Timers, but there is no way to create a Time cron trigger that uses variables.

It’s a pitty, but however, thanks for the info