Crow Runner Series Security Alarm

Is there anyone using Crow Runner 8/16 Series Security Alarm at home ( Maybe there can be a binding using Runner Link TCP/IP Gateway. I just want to use my already installed Alarm system with openhab2, DSC has a binding but i couldn’t find any information on openhab and crow.


It seems that Arrowhead Elite S series are compliant with Crow Runner. They can both use an optional module called AAP IP Module. You can enable CID (Contacts ID) Monitoring with this module and can use their own Iphone/Android app with it. Now before buying the module, i need to make sure the AAP IP Module supports unencrypted protocols. As i see it from the datasheets it supports CSV ID, PATRIOT LS-30 and AAP Encrypted CID Alarm Protocols and you can enable Personal Monitoring.
Will inform you with further updates…

I received the following mail from Arrowhead; that’s exactly what i was looking for. I will wait roughly 4 weeks for their new module. Thanks Arrowhead :slight_smile:

We currently make an RS232 device that connects the RUNNER to automation systems, please see attached documentation.

We are also modifying the IP Module software so that it can provide the same RS232 two way control but using TCP/IP protocol as some automation systems don’t accept RS232 but can accept TCP/IP signals from the local LAN.

That unit should be ready in about 4 weeks time.


Any Updates on this?? Im planning to do the same integration. What board exacly is necessary ?


Hi Sergio,
The card is out, i am using it now with Domoticz. You can find more details in

Hi, wondering if anyone has successfully added the Crow/AAP IP module into OpenHab, I can see on github that there is a module for homeassistant, not sure how to convert or build my own binding to do the same

Any help would be appreciated - thanks