CUL Transport in OH2 binding?

i build a new OH2 binding from template. It uses the CUL Transport from OH1 and works fine in my Eclipse workspace. But when i start “mvn package” in openhab2-addons\addons\binding directory i get erros like “CULListener cannot be resolved to a type”.
Can a OH2 binding depend from CUL Transport, or must i build a OH1 binding? Is there a template for that?


Yes, it seems to be not intended, to use the nice “” plugin in an openhab2 addon. Is there a CUL-Bridge in the roadmap?

Anyway, i moved my binding implementation to openhab1-addons and now i am able to build and deploy my binding. And it works together with the intertechno1 binding as well on same CUL instance!

Regards Jost