cURL-Error when using GET

Hey there,

I try to read the states of my items via the REST-API to use them from within a Digital Signage System (Xibo). The goal is to show Item-States like temperatures on a wall-mounted display.

However, when I try to send a GET from within the Xibo-CMS I get this error message:

cURL error 61: Unrecognized content encoding type. libcurl understands deflate, gzip content encodings. (see"

Anyone has an idea how to proceed?

Thank you!


What content encoding did you specify in your cURL request?

By the way this is a cURL or Xibi-CMS question, not an openHAB one.

openHAB by default, like most all REST APIs returns JSON output.

Please post the code of your GET statement.
Could you sniff the network traffic and post the reply that you receive back ?

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