Current Hue Setting

I have a set of 6 hue lights and 2 of them are colored lights. I change the colored lights to RED if someone goes in the kitchen in the middle of the night, but I can’t get the colored lights to match the temperature/color of the ‘white’ lights after being set to a color.

I’m trying to find the HSB values of the non-colored lights so I can set the same colors on the colored lights.

The hue color bulbs also support the color temperature channel. I would create a slider on one of the UIs that controls that channel and use that to find the color temperature. If you send a color temperature command to the hue color bulbs they will go to white at the color temperature you command.

I’m not sure I understand your solution. There is just a “brightness” setting. I can move the slider around in the UI, but it doesn’t display the HSB.