Current openhab-addons mvn build fails

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I tried to build openhab2-addons directory by using “mvn clean install -e -X” and got an error on the first possibility, see attached file. What went wrong?

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Looks like you’ve typed “lean” instead of “clean”?

Oh dear - it is late, indeed it’s been a typo.

So now, the command was correct, but the build failed, anyway.

See my picture below

It fails to download because it cannot connect to Is your DNS working properly and can you open it in your browser? Maybe you have a firewall or antivirus solution that is blocking Java from accessing the Internet?

Thanks - now I was able to run the addons build successfully until the transformation service. That took almost 6 hours (called “mvn clean install -e -X”)! Fur further information see my picture below, it seems one of the tests was broken.

There is some progress here! :slight_smile:

The first build might take a while because it will download a lot of dependencies from the Internet. After that most of them will be cached in your local Maven repository ~/.m2/repository

I rarely build using -e -X because it will generate a lot of debug logging that further slows down the build.

It’s a known issue on Windows that those MapTransformationServiceTest fail see openhab2-addons#5854. A workaround might be to skip test execution with a full build by adding the following build option -DskipTests=true

To furthermore speed up your build you can disable static analysis by adding -DskipChecks see also the Developer docs.

Usually I add both options on full builds and omit them when building individual projects to have in depth reporting/testing. Only when I do something else I run full builds with all checks and tests. That’s Jenkins job. :wink:

Build successful (in 30 minutes …): “mvn clean install -DskipTests=true -DskipChecks=true”


The failing MapTransformationServiceTest on Windows should be fixed soon! :slight_smile:

Could you please tell me what the result is for the build? Is a kar file or what?