Current status of openHAB VS Code extension?

I was just wondering what the current status of the openhHAB extension for VS Code is.

I submitted two little PRs in May (#205 and #207) which were merged into the master branch.

But the latest version of the extension is v0.7.0 from January.

I am not missing any big features at the moment.
But it would be nice to know the development did not stop.


Nope, its not dead yet^^

Long version:
Hey Christoph,

I’m still here, but got (too) many things going on in my private and business environment currently and for a huge part of the past year.

I would love to get some focussed time and go on with the extension, so from my side its more a pause than a stop.
It’s always difficult if only few to one person are doing the main stuff with a project like the extension.
I recognised that too, as kuba was alone with it and started contributing.


Great to hear it is not dead. :smile:

Of cause, I can spend as little time as you want. :wink:
It is your spare time.

I just wanted to check. :smiley:


Yeah of course it’s my decision,
but sometimes there is a gap between personal time available and time one wants to spend. :upside_down_face: