Curved Range / Slider

good morning together,

i want to create a new range / slider for my target temperatur.
I liked something like this one: example. So I upload the *.js and *.css files into the html folder
and load it into my widget (try both variants) :

<div oc-lazy-load="[ '/static/matrix/jquery-1.11.1.min.js', '/static/matrix/roundslider.min.js', '/static/matrix/roundslider.min.css',  '/static/matrix/slider.js', '/static/matrix/slider.css' ]"></div>

<div id="arc-slider" class="rslider"></div>
<div oc-lazy-load="[ '/static/matrix/jquery-1.11.1.min.js', '/static/matrix/roundslider.min.js', '/static/matrix/roundslider.min.css',  '/static/matrix/slider.js', '/static/matrix/slider.css' ]">

<div id="arc-slider" class="rslider"></div></div>

But everything that I can see in my widget is the dashed border. :frowning:
I searchd for Information in the “widget-tutorial-examples” but I coun`t find something.
Can someone help me?
Thank you