Custom button widget not showing correct


i just tried to create an apple homekit style button (.json attached) to turn zigbee plugs on and off. The issue I have is the following:

Sometimes in the editor the button looks exactly as it should, suddenly (not changing the code) the butTon only displays the variables and not their values

also, some classes are not displayed correctly (.status. .an .aus for example) as well as the icon that can be selected from the settings is sometimes showing, and somtimes not.

Can someone please help me ouwith this?

Best regards, banu

[DL removed due to upload of new version below]

Ok, I got it sorted.
ng-click= has to go to the surrounding <div> and a <button> is not necessary.
provided a new .json if it is of interest for anyone.

Best, banu
Button (homekit-style).widget.json (2.9 KB)