Custom CSS for BasicUI

Hi, when I run BasicUI on my phone, it takes up way too much space. In CSS this can be fixed very easily. I made changes using chrome inspect element feature, and got the modified “smarthome.css” file. But, can not get it to be used. I located this css file in the “org.eclipse.smarthome.ui.basic-0.9.0.b2.jar” file. If I replace the css file located in this jar file, it still does not use the new css.

Is there any simple way to create a custom css file for BasicUI?

I still haven’t managed to add my own css yet, too. I also want the customizations in the Basic UI - not in the Habpanel.

This might help

You might need to change file locations for OH3

Thank you, I know that example. But I can’t implement it because I’m a new user and I don’t have a sitemap, only the overview page.
(see on top of Sitemaps | openHAB)

So where can I inject the CSS by using the overview page?

Then you’re not using BasicUI. That’s an optional browser based UI, that uses xxx.sitemap files configured by you.

MainUI, the default and admin UI for openHAB3 is something completely different and not related to BasicUI. You’ll probably want to find or start a new thread post if you mean MainUI.

Ok, thanks but that’s terrible: looking for a needle in a haystack, which consists almost entirely of old documentation.

I will try to start a new thread.