Custom icon problem

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I want to make custom icon, depending my switch online or not, but itt not display anything, just a missing picfile mark. What is the problem?

I make three icons in the /etc/openhab2/icons/classic folder


my items file:

String alivegy "Elérhető? [%s]" <sw>
    { mqtt="<[raspberrypi:tele/gyerekszoba/LWT:state:default]" }

my sitemeap file:

   Frame label="Gyerekszoba"
 	{ Text item=alivegy icon="sw"
   	  Text item=wifigy 
   	  Text item=upgy
   	  Text item=msggy

Perhaps related to this:

If you’ve defined the item icon in the items file, you shouldn’t need to define it again in the sitemap. Perhaps there is some oddness going on there.

I tried, but nothing changed.

Your state is “Offline” and not “offline”. I don’t remember if the case is important.