Custom icons disappears in openhab 3.3

Since my upgrade from openhab 3.2 to openhab 3.3 all my custom icons disappears.

I’m using ~50 custom png icons, located in folder /openhab/conf/icons/classic/ and until openhab 3.2 they where visible. Since my upgrade (docker container) they are not visible anymore and gives me a 404

maybe it is related somehow to this new feature. Allow sub-directories for icons by J-N-K · Pull Request #2946 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub

this is an example url how they are fetched




I also checked for changes in the documentation (Items | openHAB) to see if there is a changed behavior or changed new way to configure. But there are no changes.

has anyone an idea?

Is there anything in the logs?

This is probably something specific to docker.
I have myself custom PNG icons and they are displayed as expected in Android app.
I am running a snapshot from last Saturday on a RPI 3.

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Nothing is in the logs. But good to know that it should work, so i will investigate deeper.

Seams to be related to a symlink.

If “conf/icons/classic” is a symlink, it does not work
(/data/projects/openhab_shared/conf/icons/classic => /openhab/conf/icons/classic)

But if I create instead a symlink to “config/icons”, it works
(/data/projects/openhab_shared/conf/icons => /openhab/conf/icons)


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