Custom icons in Habpanel not working anymore since OH3.3?

Hi guys,

I am (still) using habpanel on several wallmount-tablets. A few days ago I updated to OH3.3 stable, coming from 3.3. milestone (M3 I guess). I am not 100% sure that my issue is related to the update, but at least from timing point of view it seems that after the update my custom icons are not working anymore. I’ve checked the release notes of 3.3 stable, there might be something somehow related to icons, but I am not sure if e.g. this has something to do with my problem…

Upto now I stored several custom icons in


remark: OH running on Windows

Example for svg files:


Widget code:

<div ng-init='onoff={"name": "OnOff", "item": config.light, "hidelabel": true, "hideonoff": true, "iconset": "custom-icon","icon": "post","icon_size": "42" }'>
<widget-switch   ng-model="onoff" />

This was working now for a long time in OH2 and OH3, but as mentioned above it is not working anymore since a few days.

I’ve checked several old forum threads, there was one remark that only lower case is allowed. Even it was working for so long, I also tried to change to e.g.


but same issue:
the icon is shown in “orginal” condition (in my case OFF for post-switch) and even the switch gets ON, the icon appears “OFF” which means color is grey and not orange for “ON”. The item itself is changing from OFF to ON properly. It is just a matter of the icons not changing.

What is wrong / what has been changed that it is not working anymore?

Thanks for your help!

Just a thought…has configuration changed to use images not vector graphics?
Either see if has and Im not sure where…I use classic and can there.or and what I have done with mine is convert to .png files and have both in the directory.
I use custom icons and have no probs with upgrade…other probs but not this 1!

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Hi @garyfree,
thanks for your response and your perfect approach! After converting to .png and additionally copy both (.svg and *.png) in one folder level higher, it’s working again.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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