Custom Icons in HABPanel Widget

Is there any way to use custom icon in HABPanel?
I put the node-off.svg and node-on.svg files in icons/classic configuration folder and use:

<widget-icon iconset="custom-icon" icon="node" size="32" state="itemValue('Kitchen_HAB')"></widget-icon>

But it not work. i don’t want to use pure html for it.

For HabPanel you have to place the icons in the html folder. On Openhabian mine is located in /etc/openhab2/html. I would suggest to make a folder called icon and put them in there. You can then refer to them like this.


So how can i use it on habpane? I want to use with custom widget and i use “” on setting of custom widget .

You have to “complete the set” for dynamic icons. There must always be a default, node.svg , or the icon picker service will not work.