Custom Icons

Hey there, i try the whole Day to use custom Icons in HABpanel, but it will not working, so maybee you have some Ideas.
I search the Documentation and Community, but nothing helps.

I use the latest openhabian upgraded to the latest unstable.

What i tried already:
I paste my CUstom Icons in /etc/openhab2/icons/classic
See Screenshot:

But i don’t find the custom Icons into HABpanel widgets

Thank in Advance!
Greets Dennis

Can someone Show me a picture how It should Look a like?!

Unfortunately the icon picker currently has no way of discovering and including custom icons in the list, sorry.

Hi @ysc,

do you think about supporting something like this in the future?


Yes, but it’s a matter of how to design it properly so it’s not a hassle to work with. If we use the ESH icon provider functionality (the preferred approach), we can get the list of iconsets but there’s no REST endpoint to get the list of available icons in an iconset - and implementing this might prove a bit more complicated than we think.