Custom Slider Widget with no value display

I have searched and searched and I can’t for the life of me figure this one out.

I would like to create a custom slider widget, but not display the value of the slider at all (not on the limits, nor on the actual value). I can turn off the limits (hidelimits: true), but I can’t hide the current value (hidevalue: true doesn’t work).

I know this can be done with the default slider, so I’m sure it’s possible…


The option to hide the label is confusingly called hidepointer.


This doesn’t seem to work. Even the picture in your post shows the label even though your code for slider-leftborder.widget.json includes “hidepointer: true”. I want that “70%” that denotes the current status for the lounge dimmer to not display. I don’t want any numbers to show. How do I get rid of that?


Try this:

<div ng-init='model={
                    "item": "Yamaha_Volume",
                    "hidelabel": true,
                    "hidelimits": true,
                    "hidepointer": true
	<widget-slider ng-model="model"></widget-slider>