Custom .SVG icons not displaying Ipad (one does)

Hi everyone i’m after some pointers

I decided its time too add some custom icons too my setup im trying to use .svg

i converted some .PNG images too a .SVG image using a webtool

The resulting files work perfectly on all UI’s (Basic,Paper,Hab) when using a PC or Android device to access the interfaces

but on my ipad i cant get these icons too dispay anywhere i have managed too get one custom .svg image too work

Working (downloaded off web)

Non Working .SVG image

Any sugestions ?

//anyone ? few pointers ?

its possible as one icon works the rest don’t

i have tried too use GIMP and Photoshop too achieve this but im having no luck here

Maby someone can point me too a program that will work ?
or give me tips needed too use GIMP or Photoshop ?

i have been working on this for a few days now and feel nowhere closer too getting this simple thing done :frowning:

i could obviosly find files on the web but i need the ability too create a few custom icons i the .svg format

Did you try an text editor :slight_smile:. Svg is a textual vector format. Your first image is a real svg. The second is an embedded PNG in a svg. So no real svg and that might explain the problem. Having these embedded images in svg means it’s basically just an image. I think you need to look for another way to covert images. Take a look at this stack overflow answer for tips about converting images:

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Hi @hilbrand

Thanks for the response

I have opened the files with notepad and its full of code I can not understand or would know how too do anything with this

This is deffinitly the problem its just how do I convert a png to a real svg or how do I create from scratch

The solution on there is a paid solution I don’t fancy paying alot of money just too create a few icons but might contain helpful information

Thanks for the pointers I really appreciate it

One of the answers is This is a really nice open source product. In general I think is difficult to covert images to vector unless they’re plain drawings without all kind of effects. In general I would opt for trying to find svg images. Or edit svg with, like the Kodi image. Edit in inkscape or in a xml aware editor. Svg is xml. Just do some trail-and-error by deleting parts and see what happens. Although that can take up some time to get it right :slight_smile:


I have found another icon that works

converted a .PNG to .SVG using a online tool results work but are not the best

PNG --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SVG

Working Icon

Im also going too look into the stuff you sent me