Custom Widget: Informational Header


thanks for the great work. I like the widget but I am missing the symbols (like maximise, update, …).

Is there a way to integrate them in the widget?


This is tracked in

We are waiting for ysc to add this functionality to the templating engine. Until then, there is nothing we can do, unfortunately.

@gersilex That is a petty.
One question:
How did you insert the symbols for Frost and the Bell in the item file?


So how do you write that kind of symbols? ASCII Code?

just copy form the documentation and paste to visual studio

You can find a lot of these on tables like this one:

Please not that you need a font that has these included. Most Android/IOS/IPadOS tablets have them and you like will display HABPanel on a Tablet. This means on my Windows computer they look really bad or are not displayed at all, but when viewing on a tablet, they are fine.

The site linked above uses illustrations of the characters to help you find the right one, even if you don’t have the font installed.


it seems this is no more working in OH3.0 - mine looks like this:

No more “pop-up” - anyone can confirm?

yep same problem here

maybe someone with a working example can tell us what to include in the HabPanel config

This is what I have in openHAB 2:

"header": {
                "use_custom_widget": true,
                "custom_widget": "informational-header",
                "custom_widget_config": {
                    "notifications_group_name": "notifications",
                    "notification_item_condition": "ON",
                    "send_on_click_command": "OFF",
                    "additional_classes_btn": "btn-lg"

thx but still get the same error

see here: