Custom Widget: Netatmo Thermostat

Hi I’d like to share my Custom Widget Thermostat for Netatmo. I put all info&control in a little 3x2 module widget

It has this configurations:

It works well with HABPanelViewer: you can launch Netatmo app by clich on gear

NetatmoTherm.widget.json (7.1 KB)

Icons and icon’s name : (I don’t know very well how to share the icons!)

netatmo_sp_auto3 netatmo_sp_auto3-program
netatmo_sp_auto3; netatmo_sp_auto3-program

netatmo_sp_away netatmo_sp_away-away
netatmo_sp_away; netatmo_sp_away-away

netatmo_sp_frog netatmo_sp_frog-hg
netatmo_sp_frog; netatmo_sp_frog-hg

netatmo_sp_manual netatmo_sp_manual-manual
netatmo_sp_manual; netatmo_sp_manual-manual
signal_strength signal_strength-1 signal_strength-2 signal_strength-3 signal_strength-4
signal_strength; signal_strength-1; signal_strength-2; signal_strength-3; signal_strength-4

battery_level battery_level-20 battery_level-40 battery_level-60 battery_level-80
battery_level; battery_level-20; battery_level-40; battery_level-60; battery_level-80
Enjoy :slight_smile:


I would like to use your widget with my thermostat but I don’s know how to add the icons. Where should they be stored and how are the filenames?

You are right…
the icons they must be stored in
and you can find the filenames in the .json code
for the battery level for example they are:
battery_level.svg ; battery_level-20.svg ; battery_level-40.svg ; battery_level-60.svg ; battery_level-80.svg ;
Now I put the names in the original post