Custom Widget: Samsung TV Remote

Hello everybody,
I’ve wanted to explore HABPanel and his custom widget feature, this is my first attempt so be kind if something does not work…I don’t know even if I can help troubleshooting :slight_smile:

So I tried with a Remote for Samsung TV (tested on my tablet: Samsung Tab 4 10’’)

Many credits go to Andy ( See this post ) . I took his template for the basic structure and swipe functionalty.

The widget settings are quite self explanatory the only requirement is:

  • TV Keycode Item-> KeyCode Item of the Samsung TV binding.

It looks better with a size of 3x2 but it should scale up to any size, it looks decent on my smartphone too.

(screenshot taken with dark material theme but should play well on every “dark” theme).

Here the JSON: Samsung TV Remote.widget.json (12.6 KB)

After I came up with this widget I realized that is not comfortable to have a big widget always occupying my dashboard, so credits to Yannick ( See this post ) I tried to make a nested custom widget to launch the remote on a modal window.

(screenshot of the launcher)

Here the JSON of the remote “launcher” Samsung TV Remote Launcher.widget.json (2.0 KB)

(remote icon I use for the launcher)

If you import both widgets, you only have to put and configure the launcher on your Dashboard.
The launcher config are self explanatory too (I think) but thees ones are mandatory:

  • TV Remote Widget Name -> It’s the name you gave to the remote widget when importing it (change it if you changed the default name while importing the remote widget)

  • TV KeyCode Item -> KeyCode item of the Samsung TV binding

  • TV Remote Icon -> Icon to be displayed in the button

Hope it can be helpful to someone…otherwise…well it’s helpful to me! :smiley:


Hi Alessio

I am new to openhab. The remote looks really cool. However, I am not clear TV KeyCode Item value I need to provide. is it the binding id samsungtv? I tried it but it’s not working.


It’s meant to be working with the Samsung tv binding.
If you have the binding installed create an item linked to the keyCode channel of the binding.
Then provide that item to the widget and it should work.