Custom widget slidwshow by parsing an image folder


How can i create a custom widget to display images from an static-folder? i will put some images in this folder to show this in a widget. But i will not link this images by name, because i will later put other images to this folder. I need a funtion to scan the foled and show the images in the widget. i searched for such a function to pase a folder and found the php function scandir, but i have no experience how i can use this in a custom widget.
can anybody help me to create the code for such a function?

BR Rene

Hi Rene, yes!

I would like the same, I have a large monitor that I would like to mostly have as a photo frame, but in smaller widgets could also display things like weather, etc

I do not mind if I store the photos on the Raspberry Pi/Hab Server or on a separate NAS.

I tried getting the “Carousel Widget” to work but failed.