Custom Widget: Who's home?

I’ve created custom Who’s Home widget for HABPanel.

I use the Unifi binding by @mgbowman for a while now and really like how it works. What I could not get to my liking was a nice way to display who is home and who is not.

Using wall mounted tablets around the house screen real estate is precious. This binding allows you to group people, show/hide based on their presence etc.

Still a WIP for me but this is usable.

Settings page:

Various display options:
Hiding people who are away:

Showing Everyone and their status:

Not sure how I get it listed on the Widgets gallery - but until then, here is the json to import.

Update 1: I realise I left no detail around how to set up the things -

Group:Switch    g_WhosHome "Group for who's home"
Switch   CrispinPhone           "Crispin [MAP(]"  <boy_2>   (g_PhonesPresent, g_WhosHome)   { channel="unifi:client:home:crispinPhone:online" }
Switch   DenisePhone            "Denise [MAP(]"    <girl_3>  (g_PhonesPresent, g_WhosHome)     { channel="unifi:client:home:denisePhone:online" }

The channel and link is not important. What happens is the group - g_whoshome - is used to list the items.
The icons are picked up from the category of the thing - in this case boy_2 and girl_3 - both from the classic collection.
The transform is as follows - not important though.


–end update 1

Welcome any feedback on this


Hi @CDriver - thanks for this contribution. I was just trying it out. Unfortunately the icons don’t display and, when looking through the widget, I’m unclear as to how you are setting them. Also how you define the boy* and the girl* icons per person. Could you help me understand?

I’ve just updated the original post. I realise I left out some pretty important info :frowning:

Let me know how this works out for you.

Has anyone managed to integrate this widget with the matrix theme?

Hi @CDriver is it possible to add an url if you click in the frame, i have an google map that display where everyone are.


That’s not something that this control would support.
You best bet would be to add another button per person and navigate to a URL for that.

Do you have any idea if it’s possible to set the boy/girl thing in paperUI? As a new user everything seems to suggest we use paperui instead of item files but I can’t really see where to assign the images.

I’ve created a group called “people” and linked in the “online” status of each of our phones via a network binding:

The widget actually works perfectly, we just have no images.



Is it just me or is there still no instructions on how to get this to work after he updated it? I see the “things” comments but, how does this work? How do we set it up?

No, it’s just you :wink: :laughing:

For this to work you need a working presence detection with a switch item for each person and a group containing all the switches. How you do this depends on your situation. He is using the unify-binding. I’m using a combination of the FritzBox-binding and the network-binding. I think there is a tutrial around here where you can get further information on this topic. Just search for “presence detection” or something like that.

Thank you

Dakota Hagler

As said above, this is just showing the state of switches. Do you have the presence detection working or not yet?

Is it possible to use custom Icons?