D-Link Controller Hub

I am new to the interesting home automation world. I have a d-link controller hub that I would like to use OpenHAB to control. Is anyone familiar on a config to make it work?

There doesn’t appear to be a D-link binding. Typically openHAB “replaces” these sorts of devices (Vera, Wink, etc.) instead of controlling the external hub. There are exceptions such as the Phillips Hue binding. What sorts of devices do you have connected and controlled from your D-Link hub?

I have a door lock so far. I will be moving into more devices, but after I decide on platform and software.

The D-link is from the Staples-Connect line and made by Zonoff. I was hoping to use it has it has 5 different radios that are able to control devices.


Any word on this?

I’m about to transition from an oldoldold X10 setup. I plan on using an old XP machine I have lying around to host openHAB. But, I need a hardware interface to the devices I’m planning on getting. This D-Link Staples Connect Hub looks like the most cost effective way to talk to a lot of devices.

At this price, I would have thought it would be attractive to the openHAB community.

Drake Christensen

I took the staples connect back because it didn’t support the devices when the Internet connection was lost, even thou it says it does.

I ended up getting the ISY 994i device. It cost more but it does have the capability to run multiple protocols, does not require Internet and it is a machine in itself (It doesn’t require a computer to run).

I purchased the ISY about two weeks ago and it has been flawless so far.


It takes more than being cheap to be attractive to the OH community. It also has to have an open and documented API that we can use to talk to it. As far as I can tell the D-Link Connect Hub does not.

Yeah, I see that, now. I had a mistaken view of how openHAB and that device worked together. After surfing for a bit after I posted that message, I see where it’s not as useful as I thought it was at first glance.

Too bad. It has the hardware to be a very versatile hub. Always disappointing when companies then go and lock it down to the point it’s nearly useless.