D !\u003d java.lang.String


yesterday I tried to migrate my openhab 1.x installation with 346 items to openhab 2.0-beta5
my problem is lack of proper log messages.

Currently I’m not able to see any items.

Everything what I got is this useless error message.

“error”: {
“message”: “d !\u003d java.lang.String”,
“http-code”: 500,
“exception”: {
“class”: “java.util.IllegalFormatConversionException”,
“message”: “d !\u003d java.lang.String”,
“localized-message”: “d !\u003d java.lang.String”

I found this issues How to find problem in items configuration

and I already tried to change my %d with%s placeholders in any MAP statement, but without any success.

any ideas?

I found it. I have to restart openhab2, because my changes was not used automatic like in openhab 1.x

but now my next problem. I don’t see any items in any UI. I got a json item list if I fetch */rest/items?recursive=false but for some reason my sitemap is not rendered.

so, my first impression. Openhab2 looks very interesting. But if you plan to migrate a huge installation without helpful error messages, it is a pain. So I will skip my attempts for now and try it again in some month.

Hi Holger,

unfortunately I’m far from an expert and still ramping up my OH2 skills.
What you could try is to try to comment out any items with a MAP to see
if you can see the other items. In case this works you can uncomment the
mapped ones one by one to find which one creates the problem.

If you can not see any items with the MAP’ed ones commented out you @
least can rule out that those create the problem.

hope this is of some help; with kind regards,


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