Dahua IP camera with habpanel on Android 4.4.2

I am using a Dahua IP cam DH-SD22204T and try to display the image on Habpanel with Android.
So far without success. It seems related to Android 4.4.2 (habpanel on a PC displays the camera picture correctly.)

Tried both snapshot and mjpeg with image widget and panel but without success.

Anyone has a working configuration or any other suggestion ?

sitemap test label="Test"
Video url="http://<ip_of_cam_server>:8081/" encoding="mjpeg"

works for me in HABdroid, though on Android 6 …

Edit: arghh, HABPanel, not HABDroid … but: an image widget with the same url from above works in HABPanel on Android (still 6 though) with chrome browser