Daikin binding is missing?

Hello community! I am a new user, setting up OpenHAB in my apartment. I own a Daikin split AC with wi-fi module, and there is Daikin binding in the documentation, but i cannot find it on the list of bindings to install. Where did it go?

Tried to diagnose it today myself a little bit. The first thing i discovered is that the binding is missing from openhab-addons-2.4.0.kar. I also tried to install legacy package, it’s missing there either.
What was the reason to exclude it? Do i have to rebuild from source in order to get it?

The binding was added after the 2.4 release. That’s why you don’t find it in 2.4. The documentation points to the snapshot version of openHAB (that is you can select older versions if available, but by default it shows the snapshot version)
There seems to be a version of the binding available in the eclipse iot marketplace. Enable Eclipse marketplace in PaperUI -> configuration -> system. Enable maturity level beta. I don’t know if that version works with 2.4.

Thank you very much for the reply, sorry for long delay. I don’t have much time to play with my OH on weekdays.
Enabled Marketplace but have “TrustAnchor must not be empty” error in Java. This is not OH-specific; SSLPoke test program also displays it.
Guidelines on the Net tell how to regenerate cacerts file, done that, no result. :frowning:
Certificates in my system are file, wget is able to connect to eclipse.marketplace.org and it doesn’t cry.
Will try the manual method described in the neighbor thread: Daikin controller support