Daikin binding *MODE* item type

I went to upgrade to v1.8.2 (from v1.7.0) today and most things went fine, apart from the Daikin binding. Previously I had a StringItem defined for the MODE selector. But now when the binding starts up an error is reported about the fact the MODE must be a NumberItem.

When did this change? And what values should the MODE be?

A quick look at the code doesn’t reveal much - do we have to use the ModeEnum values from the JDaikin library?

The Daikin binding was last changed significantly about 10 months ago to add the JDaikin library. Jos Schering added his fork of the library as the source of lib/JDaikin.jar. He submitted his changes to the parent repo here but Jonathan Giles has an outstanding question about it. I supplied a test JAR about three weeks ago to one user to work around a NumberFormatException.

I will soon have a Daikin Altherma split system up and running, and I plan on overhauling the binding to remove the friction between JDaikin.jar and what the binding would properly want for various item state types. My changes will also allow any suitable item types to be used, and expose more of what both interface modules provide.

You might want to continue using the older binding JAR if it works for you, and in the next couple months I will have an overhauled binding you could try.

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Thanks Watou - I actually helped Jonathon write the JDaikin jar (as I originally wrote the Daikin binding). And I must admit I thought v1.7 was using JDaikin, perhaps not?

Anyway - I have reverted back to the v1.7 version of the binding and will wait for you to work your magic on it!



Any news on daikin binding for oh 2.2
Used to work till upgraded to 2.2
Now getting this famouse index out of range errors

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