Daikin Binding // Test of Auto Mode Value - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Hi all, @JimT and I had a discussion about the right value to bring Daikin ac_units into auto mode. We observed that there are three values, mode=0, mode=1, and mode=7. Today, mode=0 is used, while there are reasons to assume that mode=1 could be the better one.

In order to find the right value, it would be great if Daikin Binding users with an ac_unit thing could call the following URL when the aircon is switched off. IPADDRESS is the IP of your Daikin air conditioning:


Once done, it would be great if you could post

  1. your air conditioning model,
  2. whether the aircon got switched on after sending the command to the aircon and
  3. what you see as reply in your browser.

The URL should switch on your airconditioning in AUTO mode, cooling down to 22°C - or do nothing.
The two possible answers are something similar to ret=XXXX,adv= or only ret=XXXX. Proper testing is important, as a change from 0 to 1 as default for auto mode may affect today’s users.

Let us know in case you have questions. Thanks in advance!

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More importantly, your wifi adapter model.

No one…?

I missed this post originally, but I’m assuming you only need this for the Euro model, not the .au Airbase model?

Correct, this is not for the airbase_ac_unit, only for the ac_unit thingid.

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