Daikin Wifi Adapter BRP069B4X

Hi, I want to buy a new Daikin AC unit, but before I would like to make sure if the model I choose will be compatible with Openhab. For what I read, last newest units with integrated Wifi adapter BRP069C4x are Cloud based, which I’m not interested in.

But for the ones with external Wifi controller, I’ve looked at the Compatibility table from Daikin and I see up to 5 different BRP069B4X modules (BRP069B41 to BRP069B45). Daikin binding Readme says that module BRP069B41 is supported, but it doesn’t mention others (BRP069B42 o BRP069B45, for example)

My question is: are all BRP069B4X adapters supported by Daikin binding? or only BRP069B41

Many thanks.

While I cannot answer your question directly, I can tell you that the BRP072C42 which is officially supported by the Daikin binding works beautifully here. I have 3 units that we bought within the last 12 months with that.

My understandning is that you need one BRP072C42 per indoor unit. Is this the way you use it?

My understandning is that you need one BRP072C42 per indoor unit.

That is correct. They are attached directly to each indoor unit, but “hidden” inside the indoor unit, so you cannot see them. It basically looks like any other AC.

But having the ACs controllable by openhab is real game changer - I cannot recommend that enough.

  1. automatically increase the temperature at night and lower the fan speed
  2. switch it on in the kids room before bedtime to cool it down, but only if the room door is closed. If it isn’t closed, use Amazon Echo to tell the whole house to close the door.
  3. switch off the kids room AC in the morning if the room door has been left open as they’re probably up by then