Daily average data consumption of Openhab

Hi all,

Extremely happy user of Openhab for a while. I run a few bindings Openweather, Network, Astro ipcamera, and a few others. I have recently upgraded my network and now I am surprised to see that my OH actually “consumes” a daily average of 4GB od data (90% download roughly). Is this within an “expectable” range? Could it be due, especifically, to my several cameras running on the ipcamera binding?

Thanks a lot in advance for any guidance.

Seems high.

Almost certainly.

You could do a rough estimation: SingleSnapshotSize * #OfSnapShots/day * #OfCams
In case you use continously streams that are sampled ( into single snapshots ) by using ffmpeg I would assume that the amount of data is much higher ( picturesize * frames/s* 24*3600 * #OfCams ).
The total data is less than the result of the last calculation because compressed picture streams do not always transmit a full picture in every frame but a full picture every n-th frame and just the diffs in n-1 following frames. To get a better estimation you would need to record a few samples and do estimation based on these samples.

Thanks @Wolfgang_S @rlkoshak I have disabled ipCamera binding which, in reality, I was not using from a functional perspective and will monitor and report back data traffic.

Thanks for your prompt response!

After closer monitoring of potential causes for such a high network traffic, the findings is that it was the “Network SpeedTest”, downloading 50MB every 20 mins. amounts to 150MB/H and 3.6GB/24H. Nothing to do with iPcamera Binding. Thanks again for getting back!

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