Danalock not reporting status


I am over of a month testing and configuration hassle and I’m really frustrated. I’ve set up openhab 2.5.0, 2.5.1, 2.5.2 SNAPSHOT and stable under Windows, Ubuntu with packaged and manual versions, even inside docker. I use a AEOTEC Usb Stick Gen5 and a Danalock V3. It is the only device in the network.

Neither of these configs gave a reliable “connection” of the status of the DoorLock. I reseted both USB key and the lock itself several times. I’ve of course managed to include it securely.

Neither HabAdmin, neither PaperUI reported the state of the lock if it turned by hand or by the app through bluetooth. I even found on the forum the Lifeline problem which is also sometimes presented after some restart/config change the lifeline group association to the contorller is lost. (Is this matters at all as there is only these two devices in the network?)

I have DEBUG logs of the latest run. On each turn of the Lock by the App or manually the debug shows several new lines but the UI does not change at all. ZWave.log (925.9 KB)

@chris: Can you help me with analysing the log file? Any hints where to start?

I really invested almost two month to learn how openhab works, I have rules, several presence detection binding, I even cooperated with a bisecur binding development with @thomas_letsch_de . And I really like the concept. But I have no idea what am I doing wrong.

Thanks for the support.


I’ve reinstalled everything, reseted both Danalock and AEOTEC. This is the latest build 2.5.2-SNAPSHOT build downloaded from CI server. I’m on Windows Server 2019 Core with Zulu (8u242) 64 bit.

The whole log file is 2.6 M uncompressed so I cannot upload here. I attach 3 files:
Z-Wave0.log (70.8 KB)
Z-Wave1.log (35.0 KB)
Z-Wave2.log (34.9 KB)

The first one (index 0) is about the inclusion of the DanaLock.
The second and the third excerpt is about two unreported operations started manually and by the app Both does not presented on UI. I made a lot of lock/unlock turns most of them reported.

Is there a timeout issue here?

This one isn’t reported as well:
Z-Wave3.log (51.1 KB)

I opened the whole log in the log analyzer. I see 14 NONCE invalid errors. Does it have any connection with this? UI updates seems to be not related to this error.


P.S.: Any possibility to upload the whole file zipped?

Chris will likely be along shortly with his analysis but the log viewer can help you interpret things.


I was just looking at the log.

Secure inclusion is fine (although the first log finishes before the inclusion starts).

The problem appears to be an issue with the nonce getting out of sync. I’m not sure why this is - I recall someone else mentioning this a few days ago so will see if I can find the message about that.

I have opened the whole log already. But I cannot find any clues. It is far beyond to my knowledge.

I opened the whole log in the log analyzer. I see 14 NONCE invalid errors. … UI updates seems to be not related to this error.

Thank you for replying.

It’s the same issue as seen here -:

I’d need to investigate why this is happening - or more to the point, how to stop it.

Thank you for your instant reply. Is it possible that the communication is disrupted by some external signal (microwave, cooling vents?) Should I try to reposition my controller?

It is inside a self made wooden server cabinet with 3-5 spinning ventillators. One brick wall bertween the lock and the controller. Distance in air is no more than 6-8 meters.

It that helps I can post the whole log to you, if you provide some mail address…

Thanks, but I don’t think it will help. I can see the problem in the log - I’m just not sure how to work around it.

In at least one of the logs I see two Nonce requests very close together, and this is probably upsetting the binding since they are probably caused by a single request from the device that is being resent or at least received twice.

I’ll see if I can at least resolve this as it should be easy to ignore the second request within a set time.

I’ve created a PR to try and resolve at least one issue - I’m not sure if it will solve everything, but one step at a time :slight_smile:

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If I’m correctbuild #37 contains your pull request? I’ve installed this version all clean, reseted AEOTEC (Danalock is not reseted because it is used in the morning but excluded properly).

I still have the issue of not reported UI changes. The log shows a fewer NONCE error but it has new <No valid NONCE! null> errors.

I’ve managed to split the log in 3 parts with GNU split.

ZWave.part1.log (1019.9 KB)
ZWave.part2.log (1019.9 KB)
ZWave.part3.log (62.4 KB)


At least for the ones I’ve looked at, you can ignore them. The problem is the same one that caused the previous problem with duplicate nonce requests. In this case, there are duplicate alarm requests received some times - the first one is processed fine, but the second one is dropped and you see this error since the nonce was used already.

I can see some alarms being received that are not linked to a channel - I’ve updated the database so hopefully that should fix the issue.

@cinadr please can you confirm, it is the Danalock UMV3 that you have?

Actually, it looks like from the IDs in the log it is the Danalock V3-BTZE you have? I’ve now updated this with the same channel - this database entry didn’t even have the ALARM CC listed.

Sorry for not answering last day.

Yes I have the V3-BTZE

I’ll try the new device in a few hours.

I’ve not updated the binding since Saturday so the latest changes aren’t yet included. I will try and do an update tonight to push these through.

Ok. Anyhow I’ve downloaded the Build #39 but I have issues even with the Paper UI to get installed. So I’ll wait till tomorrow.

Thank you,

You do not install it with the Paper UI.
Uninstall the current binding.
Place the downloaded jar file in the addons folder (usually /usr/share/openhab2/addons) & restart OH.

I was talking about the paper Ui service to not get installed on a newly downloaded zip from Ci. I could not open paperui to install the binding itself as the Ui was not installed at all. Maybe I was not expressing myself clearly, sorry for that.
By the way where am I downloading the latest zwave jar from? Is it on the Ci server? I can only find the jar file containing all addons zipped together. (unzip and copy from that?)

Thank you,

I would either use the install script
Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

or get it from here.


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