Danalock v3 Z-Wave batteries drained

Hello, today I’ve got locked out of my flat as batteries in the Danalock were drained suspiciously fast (in 1,5 hrs).

This is the second time this happened. I’m not sure how to debug it as when it occurred the logging was set to INFO level (I will set it to DEBUG for z-wave binding and try to replicate the issue). I’ve also requested logs from Danalock and will attach them as soon as I receive them.

@chris what can I do now to investigate the issue further?

I’m suspecting that z-wave communication was still alive after OH restart and didn’t go to “sleep” and batteries drained fast.

Z-Wave Binding version

Get the debug logs from the binding to see what communication is happening. In general, there should be nothing happening most of the time, once the device has initialised (ie shortly after the binding starts).

Note that there is nothing that the binding can do here. FLiRS devices will sleep when there is no further communication, so if the binding isn’t sending any data, then the device should be asleep most of the time. FLiRS devices will wake up every second (or multiple times per second) to check for new traffic, so they don’t fully sleep.

I had something similar happen btw, it drained in 2w, with the last active data point for battery life being 93%. Somehow there must be some condition that just makes it die. Sadly I dont have the logs anymore.

Now I’m using Logz.io service to harvest logs. The sudden batteries drop occurred a while ago however, I wasn’t using Logz.io service then. Now when it occurs I will have all logs available. Will update you in that case.

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