Danfoss Air Unit A2 HVAC

Hello Guys.
Has anyone managed to get communication with a Danfoss Air Unit A2 Ventilation system? The comminication is done from the Air Unit to a Z-Wave device with Modbus (as i can see) then the “Device” communicates over Z-Wave to a Display or Ethernet to a PC…

Will the Z-Wave binding connect to that? Or can Danfoss limit that access by a password or something?

I didn’t tried z-wave. The Danfoss documentation states you have reset the complete setup of the air unit to be able to integrate the device in an existing z-wave network.

I’m connecting to the Air Unit by Ethernet. The protocol is quite simple. You send a 4 byte “address”, probably follow by some data and then you get some bytes as response. I did a wireshark trace to obtain the data when the air unit was comminicating with the HRV PC Tool that was supplied by Danfoss.

I think so far there exists no binding that is able to send and retrieve the byte data of the Ethernet connection. The TCP binding sends and retrieves string data.

As there seem to be other users interested as well (this is the second thread I found), I probably try to create such a binding, but it will be my first OpenHab experience, so don’t be optimistic for now.

Okay, already the thing that you know how to do it is a great step :slight_smile:

I think we can create a new thread, then properly there is some out there know exactly how to do it :slight_smile:

There is already another thread I will respond there