Danfoss Ally and deCONZ v2.14.1

I have a littel problem after updating deCONZ to version 2.14.1 and later prelease 2.15.0
In Openhab 3.3.0.M3 my Danfoss Ally looks like this, and battery item is missing

My deCONZ looks like this

The problem might have to do with this

Releases · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Development overview
You may have noticed that the word DDF occurs quite often in recent changelogs, as we get more and more devices into the new system of supporting devices. We’re also starting to remove device specific C++ code which is now handled by DDF, less code, less bugs and chances for regressions.

I think it might have to bee solved in the deCONZ binding :slight_smile:


Update of Deconz to 2.15.1 Beta solved the problem
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