Danfoss LC-13 reports selected temperature but cannot be changed

Hi! I paired a danfoss LC-13 thermostat to openHab. It does report to openHab the selected temperature and the battery level, but these are just two read-only numbers on openHab. I cannot find how to set the temperature. Any ideas?

I still haven’t found a solution. One more screenshot from habadmin, just in case it makes sense to anyone… is this ‘Listening False’ a problem?

Logs seem to ok, apart from the ‘NODE 10: Unsupported Command 8 for command class CLIMATE_CONTROL_SCHEDULE’ which I read that it isn’t an issue.

I don’t believe this! So much time lost! Everything was working fine, it’s just that the UI isn’t very intuitive! Habmin doesn’t support changing the temperature from the Thing configuration page, like it does with switches and dimmers. And on PaperUI control page the temperature shows up but it doesn’t look clickable so I thought it’s read-only. Clicking on it does allow changing the temperature!